Saturday, April 27, 2013

Telling Time in the Classroom

Even though I teach upper grade, some students never mastered telling time on an analog clock. Of course they swear that when they "grow up" there won't be clocks like these (yeah, I thought the same thing kiddo) so why bother learning to tell time on such an ancient device. Well, truth be told, there are lots of old clocks around and in places like schools and offices you just never know if you might need this skill.
So, in order to help my students learn this second grade standard... I created this clock with just some simple sticky notes and the minute increments on them. Of course some kids balked at the idea that they needed help, while others simply nodded with a slight approval and went back to their reading (I don't teach math, but am happy to find little spaces in our day or classroom to meet the ever growing needs of my students). Here it is! Have any of your students not mastered this skill? Anyone just given up on teaching this type of clock reading? I'd love to heard your thoughts!


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