Saturday, April 27, 2013

Hungry for the Hunger Games!

When I got pneumonia last spring I was stuck at home, alone, for a week. Nobody wanted to get me more sick and nobody wanted to catch what I had. So after a few days of trashy TV shows I turned to the books. I hadn't read the Hunger Games and really care to. I didn't think I'd like them so I just passed.

I started in on book one around 10am and finished it later that night. Book two went just as fast and book three... well if you read them you probably know that book three dragged on a bit. BUT! I just knew that my students would LOVE the first book. After an unsuccessful project on DonorsChoose wasn't funded, a dear friend's husband purchased an entire class set for me. Score! And thank you (you know who you are).

The Hunger Games (2012) Poster We began reading the Hunger Games in March and here we at the end of April with about 10 chapter to go. In class of course we read through things more slowly, doing activities and talking a lot about the character's motivation, etc. Because we were working with this one text for so long, I decided to create a PowerPoint for each day's lesson and activities  What started out as something just for my class ended up becoming a labor of love and something I spent hours and hours modifying and creating.

You are welcome to check it out here Hunger Games PowerPoint, and if you use it while teaching the Hunger Games in your classroom let me know how things go. I don't know too many teachers who've taught with this text and it's certainly very popular right now.
It's all Common Core aligned with speaking and listening, writing and reading standards.

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