Saturday, April 27, 2013

Close Reading - Common Core Alligned

There has been lots of talk about close reading at my school site but there haven't been many people actually doing it. I tried it out after seeing another teacher's anchor chart and got up the courage to try something new in the classroom...once again. Seems like there's always something new doesn't it?

Anyway, my class and I were doing a close reading of a section in our history textbook. There are so many opportunities to incorporate reading strategies to all core content areas! So we took a stab at it (and idiom, I know) and came up with this anchor chart and even found standards that aligned to our work in the classroom that day. The kids had a great experience reading more deeply and I was pushing the work on to them. That's the idea...have them work harder than me. I already passed 7th grade! Have you tried close reading? What type of training have you received on it?

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